Model Of The Month - ROLY

Model Of The Month - ROLY

Roly (Rolando) is one of the Hottest Up and Coming Models in the Miami Dade Area. A handsome 24year old from Cuba with a Colgate Smile. Modeling is only one of the many hats that Roly wears in his Day to Day life. He is Also also a Marketing Specialist/Social Media Influencer. We have had the pleasure of working with Roly here at OhBobbyBehave and I can say his marketing strategies truly are effective. Aside from his great marketing skills, he was a pleasure to work with, a sweetheart if you will. 

Roly is also a well known Blogger with a fun YouTube Channel where you can really get to know him. He speaks on a wide array of topics concerning the Gay, Black, and Latino Community. My favorite part of his channel is when he does Underwear reviews. I mean he does have a pretty hot body to model underwear. He is also big on skincare, health, and beauty, just all around looking and feeling good inside and out. In our interview, he jokingly says "hey, call me shallow" You guys can check out his YouTube here. ROLY"S YOUTUBE.


Roly arrived in the US on December 21, 2001, at the age of 5. His family won their US citizenship in a lottery system in Cuba. They left Santiago Cuba and first went to Texas, shortly after they ended up relocating to Miami, FL where he has been living since. We asked Roly "What Dream Are You Chasing"  He let us know that although he does not chase anything in life he is actively seeking happiness and purpose daily. Roly just wants to Live the best Life that he can and is taking it one day at a time. He is actively trying to remain more and more in the present. This is something I recommend everyone practice as much as possible. Learning to Live in the Now and find Joy in Now was a very important part of my spiritual journey as well so I could really relate. 

I asked him what his underwear preference was. Jockstrap, Thong, Briefs, Etc... He let us know in all honestly he prefers to go commando and let it all hang. But when wearing underwear he for sure would go for the jockstrap. It's pretty understandable why he would choose a jock seeing that he likes to freeball. And you better believe if he's home alone chilling, it's done in the nude. 


You guys can check Roly out:

Instagram @iamrolyv.official




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