Speechless "The Last Poet"

Speechless "The Last Poet"

I honestly don't care to blog about Music much, but I had to let you guys in on this one. I had the privilege of attending an EP release party for a local artist here in Los Angeles named "Speechless". Ironically it was his birthday as well the night of the release party. Speechless was turning 51 but when I tell you the man looked like he was in his 30's. 


The EP is called "Alienated Intelligence" I instantly fell in love with his music the second that I heard it. Whats so refreshing about Speechless's approach to music is that he is a poet, but his songs could also pass as rap songs, just shorter raps. "Alienated Intelligence" is so original. I think I'd have to say my favorite song on the E.P. is called "Grow Up". The track starts out with him speaking in a child's voice as if he was speaking to his parents, he sounds like such a happy innocent boy saying to parents "when I grow up, I want to be a Doctor, I want to be a fireman". Then out of nowhere his voice becomes a man's voice and he says "when I grow up, I want to sell drugs" It gave me a chill, It gave quite a few people in the party a chill. This song is loaded with subliminal messages that are out of this world, I feel that a lot of people can relate to this artist and what he has to say to the world.  


After listening to the E.P. I spoke with Speechless and let him know that I haven't heard anything like this ever and that the last time I've heard anything remotely like this was back in the Outkast Days, Andre 3000 would drop some really deep bars. I told him he reminds me of the modern-day Tupak, but in all honesty, I should not compare Speechless to anyone else because he truly has a special rare talent. See Speechless doesn't write out his raps and then remember them and recite them in the booth. No, he freestyles everything. Every song on his E.P. was a freestyle.


During the release party, Speechless went in the booth and began to just recite lyrics over a track that the producer had. Like a lot of lyricists he started off steady the first couple of lines, and then he just ripped it. Non-stop lyrics coming out of his mouth, but what is so great about his lines were that he had something to actually say. He had a great message behind every line, he spoke to politics, life, the struggle, he touched so many pressing topics. Now I'll be the first to admit that I like a nice trap or pop song on the radio. I may dance, bop my head a little bit but at the end of the day, I'm really just listening because of the beat and the melody because the lyrics are trash and mean absolutely nothing. "Sell these drugs, fuck these hoes, I got money and you're broke" This is essentially what most rap songs are about these days, and this is more reason why I really loved Speechless and his music.  


You can hear the pain from his childhood through some of his lyrics. I had the privilege of speaking with Speechless about his childhood and I won't put all of this business out there, but I will say I admire him. He's been through his share of extremely hard times and those hard times started at a very young age, unfortunately. The reason I admire him is that he is the type of person that will take whatever life throws at him and turn it into a positive. To top it off, the man is Humble. 


Speechless hinted at an Album dropping this winter, Cant wait. I strongly recommend you guys take a second and check out his new E.P. "Alienated Intelligence" by Speechless, available on most music platforms. Link for Apple Music below.

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  • Man

    I heard this on Tidal and was like WTF … Great Work Man,

  • Brandon Pinkny


  • TJ

    Adds to playlist now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it

  • Louis

    Just checked out the album. This is what music is missing !!!! Very Talented man he is. My I liked the Roll Rounce song the most :-)

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